Handling of Boxed Roses and hand tied bouquets or other flowers:

  • Unpack roses or flowers immediately.

  • Prepare a clean container and fill it with warm water and 1/2 package of preservative.

  • Remove the outer "guard" petals of roses if bruised or discolored ("Guard" petals are the outer most petals on the rose that help protect the rest of the petals from damage. They sometimes look brown and wrinkled).

  • Remove all foliage on the stem that would be below the water line in the container.

  • Cut approximately 1 inch off the rose or flower stem at an angle. Display in cool location.

  • Check water levels daily. Continue to re-cut stems and adding fresh water every two days to maintain water uptake.

  • A common condition affecting roses is called 'bent neck'. The rose appears to be wilted, with the head drooping. The rose has simply dehydrated... (there may be an air blockage in the stem), it needs a drink of water. Re-cut the stems and submerge the entire rose, stem, head and all in room temperature water for at least twenty minutes. This will normally solve the problem.